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What are the advantages of WPC floor (wood plastic floor)

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  WPC flooring is widely used in garden landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, flooring, barricades, flower ponds, gazebo and other venues. The decorative effect is not inferior to other flooring materials, and it is a new high-tech environmental protection material.

  The main materials of WPC outdoor flooring are PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding additives and mixing at high speed, granulation is performed.

  1. The material is natural and pollution-free. WPC wood plastic flooring is the most typical double green product. There is no pollution source in itself. Some woods have aromatic tincture, which emits a healthy and soothing aroma. Its epigenetic is an organic fertilizer that is easily absorbed by soil erosion.

  2. Beautiful and natural appearance. The wood of wpc wood-plastic flooring is natural, and its annual rings and texture can often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to simplicity and simplicity. No matter the texture is unique, it is widely loved by people.

  3. Solid and durable. Generally wood is usually floating on the water, with a few exceptions. In this way, the wood used for WPC wood-plastic flooring as a building material is easier to transport and lay than metal building materials and stone. According to the experimental results, pine wood has three times the tensile strength of steel, 25 times that of concrete, and 50 times that of marble. 4 times the marble.

  4, with good insulation performance. WPC wood plastic floor is not easy to conduct heat, and the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood. Wood can absorb moisture and evaporate. The most suitable humidity of the human body in the atmosphere is between 60% and 70%. The characteristics of wpc wood-plastic flooring can maintain the humidity in a comfortable humidity range.

  WPC floor characteristics:

  (1) 100% waterproof, suitable for use in any indoor area except outdoor;

  (2) High environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade;

  (3) Class B1 fire resistance, suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements;

  (4) High strength and wear resistance;

  (5) Moisture, anti-slip, anti-rot, anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial;

  (6) Comfortable feet and good sound absorption;

  (7) Simple installation and easy maintenance;

  (8) reflect the real texture of the wood, and can adjust different colors according to needs;

  (9) WPC flooring has the risk of deformation if the indoor temperature is below 0 ° C; SPC flooring is suitable for indoor spaces that are extremely cold (-20 ° C) to extremely hot (60 ° C).

  (10) Easy disassembly and assembly, no need to hit the keel.

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