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SPC Vinyl Flooring vs WPC Vinyl Flooring

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  There are many different types of vinyl flooring on the market, so it is difficult to find which one is right for your project and needs. As far as rigid core structures are concerned, WPC wood-plastic flooring is very similar to SPC flooring. The main difference is the structure of the boards. Below we will outline the main similarities and differences between WPC wood plastic floor and SPC floor.

  The main similarities and differences between WPC wood plastic floor and SPC floor

  Wood thickness: Most WPC WPC floors will be thicker than standard SPC floors. WPC wood plastic floor is usually 5mm to 12mm thick, while SPC floor is usually 3mm to 8mm thick.

  Comfort: WPC WPC floor is softer on the foot than SPC floor because the core structure is hard. WPC WPC floor uses foaming agent in the core to provide extra cushioning. SPC flooring is limestone with almost no fillers and adhesives. This makes the SPC floor under your feet stronger. With the extra lining, your SPC floor will feel softer under your feet.

  Elasticity: SPC floor is mainly made of stone. Compared with WPC wood-plastic floor, it will make the floor more elastic.

  The difference between WPC wood plastic floor and SPC floor

  WPC wood-plastic floor has good elastic function, but it is a soft floor structure and will not be as elastic as before. Because of this, SPC flooring will be the choice for commercial applications.

  Structural stability: If you have to deal with severe temperature fluctuations, such as unheated computer rooms in winter, SPC floors have better performance than WPC wood-plastic floors. Back to the core structure, the stone structure and dense structure of the SPC floor make it more difficult to move than the WPC wood-plastic floor option.

  Appearance: WPC wood plastic floor and SPC floor surface is very realistic. With the improvement of digital printing technology today, most vinyl flooring will have a beautiful look and feel. Find WPC WPC flooring and SPC flooring with various decorations, styles, colors and textures.

  Application: Like most vinyl flooring options, WPC WPC flooring and SPC flooring can be installed below, above and above. They can be installed in damp places such as kitchens, bathrooms and commercial places.

  SPC Vinyl Flooring and WPC Vinyl Flooring selection points

  Features of WPC floor and SPC floor:

  (1) 100% waterproof, suitable for use in any indoor area except outdoor;

  (2) High environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade;

  (3) Fire rating B1, suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements;

  (4) High strength and wear resistance;

  (5) Moisture, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial

  (6) Comfortable feet and good sound absorption;

  (7) Simple installation and easy maintenance;

  (8) reflect the real texture of the wood, and can adjust different colors according to needs;

  (9) WPC flooring has the risk of deformation if the indoor temperature is below 0 ° C; SPC flooring is suitable for indoor spaces that are extremely cold (-20 ° C) to extremely hot (60 ° C).

  WPC floor and SPC floor advantages

  Comparison of WPC floor and SPC floor with other floor:

  1.High-strength locking system for easy installation

  2.Back stick high-grade mute moisture-proof floor mat

  3.It can be installed even if there are small flaws on the ground

  4. Installation can be done without much treatment on the floor

  5, suitable for relatively high temperature places

  6.Suitable for large area paving without connecting bars

  7.Can be installed in rooms with long-term sunlight

  8.Good sound insulation

  9, completely waterproof and moisture-proof

  10.No plasticizer

  11.Zero formaldehyde

  12, impact resistance and surface resistance to heavy pressure

  13.Suitable for straight-down quick installation system

  How to choose WPC floor and SPC floor

  How to choose WPC floor and SPC floor?

  (1) Look at the appearance: the surface is flat, no pollution scratches, no obvious stains, clear patterns, no damage;

  (2) Look at the stitching: randomly select 2 boards, there is no difference in height between the pieces, and there is no obvious gap in the middle;

  (3) Peel resistance: The floor is broken and pulled hard, and the surface decorative layer and the substrate are not easily separated.

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