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What to do if the wood floor is moldy?

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  First, what are the coups for moldy recovery of wooden floors?

  Dilute the warm bleach with a ratio of 1: 3 to reduce its concentration. After diluting, use a soft cloth to wipe it. Pay attention that the concentration of bleach should not be too high. If mildew has entered the wooden floor, it is best to quickly remove it and prevent it from affecting the intact floor.


  Second, the maintenance method of the floor

  1.Cleaning measures

  When cleaning the solid wood flooring daily, you must pay attention to keeping it dry and clean. You should prevent the floor from being washed with a large amount of water. You must also prevent the use of corrosive liquids such as alkaline water and soap to clean the floor. Use a wrung cotton mop or towel to clean it. If you encounter dirt that is difficult to remove, consider using steel wool to gently scrub it to prevent it from being scrubbed with too much mop or too hot water. Daily care should be taken to prevent outdoor dust from flying into the room as much as possible, and windows should be closed in time to prevent moisture from entering.

  2. Maintenance method

  It is recommended to do maintenance on the wooden floor on time. It is best to apply wax twice a year. This can ensure that the paint film on the wooden floor is smoother and can cover the scratches, making the wooden floor more polished and beautiful. In the waxing process, you can use a semi-dry cloth to wipe the floor first, and then apply wax. Wipe the wax evenly, and ensure that all positions are wiped. After drying, wipe the floor to the floor with a dry soft cloth. Just smooth and translucent.


  The wooden floor is recommended to be installed in a room without direct sunlight, because the paint film will cause cracking and aging if it is exposed to light for a long time. If the wooden floor is laid in the summer, remember to open the window and keep the fresh air in the room to prevent the humidity in the room from causing bulging and tile-like problems on the floor. If the wooden floor is not protected against moisture, it is best to Isolate the toilet and the floor of the room, otherwise the floor is prone to mold, which affects the service life of the wooden floor.

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