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What kind of floor can be laid directly with elastic flooring?

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What kind of floor can be laid directly with elastic flooring? Tags:SPC Flooring Pros and Cons SPC Vinyl Flooring Vinyl Flooring 

  When installing and laying elastic flooring, many people like to ask if the floor is not self-leveling, can it be laid directly? In fact, this is the case. Some floors must be self-leveling first, otherwise there is no way to pave the elastic floor; but some floors can be laid without self-leveling. Now let ’s talk about which floors can be laid without elastic level.

  Ordinary cement concrete foundation

  Ordinary cement concrete foundations can be laid without self-levelling construction, regardless of coil or sheet flooring, but the foundation must do the following:

  1.Can not afford sand, no hollow drum, no cracking, good ground strength, solid and firm;

  2.The ground humidity is less than 4.5%;

  3.The flatness requires an error of 2mm within a range of 2 meters;

  4, cleaning requirements grease, paint, coatings, glue, chemical solutions and colored pigments;

  5. Ambient temperature requires construction in an environment above 10-15 degrees Celsius.

  Vitrified Brick Foundation

  After the construction is completed, you can see the obvious imprint of the joints of the vitrified floor.

  Solid wood floor surface

  Elastic flooring can be laid directly on the surface of solid wood flooring, but it is recommended to use white glue and wood flour to repair the floor joints and floor surface.

  Steel surface foundation

  The steel sheet table cannot be self-leveling construction! Because the steel sheet is an unstable foundation and the steel sheet is elastic, if the self-leveling is performed, the self-leveling of the indirect joints between the steel sheet and the steel sheet will be crushed. It is only necessary to directly lay the elastic floor or more.

  Epoxy floor

  Epoxy flooring cannot be used for self-leveling construction directly. If self-leveling construction is to be carried out, delamination problems will occur. Before starting to pave PVC flooring boards, the surface of the floor must be shaved and degreased before the flexible floor can be laid. .

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