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Advantages of Gym PVC Flooring

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  A good gym will make people feel happy, enjoy sports and enjoy themselves. For members and customers to have a more comfortable experience, laying PVC sports flooring in the gym is a necessary choice. Let ’s talk about the advantages of PVC sports flooring as a gym sports floor.


  01 Safety and environmental protection

  The main raw materials of PVC custom flooring and sports flooring are polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. Compared to formaldehyde and other harmful substances in wooden flooring, its environmental performance has absolute advantages.

  02 Antifouling and antibacterial, long life

  The surface of KINGUP PVC custom flooring is UV-treated. UV-treated is a way to strengthen the surface with modified polyurethane. The role of cleaning.

  03 High elasticity, impact resistance, strong sports performance

  The bottom of KINGUP PVC custom floor is foamy, soft in texture, so it has good elasticity, and has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, so it can greatly reduce personnel's slipping to fall, and also have good impact damage to heavy objects Resilient recovery without damage. The high elasticity at the same time guarantees a comfortable foot feel and provides stronger exercise space.

  04 non-slip, waterproof

  PVC flooring has the characteristics of being astringent when exposed to water. At the same time, Langjian PVC custom flooring has been made with anti-slip treatment (abrasion-resistant layer pattern). The main component of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, so it is naturally not afraid of water and will not be damaged as long as it is not soaked for a long time.

  05 Meet personalized customization

  KINGUP PVC custom floor can be processed into many colors and patterns according to the different needs of customers, which can be personalized and customized to make your own site pattern.

  06 Easy installation and simple maintenance

  A better utility knife can be arbitrarily cut, and the construction can be simply spliced or welded seamlessly. In addition, the cleaning and maintenance of PVC flooring is more simple and convenient, which can provide more convenience for large-scale gyms.

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